Assessing Risk Through Safety Consulting

Hire a safety consultant to assess risk and prevent injury on the job. Our safety consultants are qualified experts in their field, bringing their experience and expertise to your job site to access the greatest risks while providing solutions to remedy hazardous conditions.

How Safety Consultants Access Risk

A safety training consultant surveys your worksite for possible hazardous conditions and provides training to your contractors. Their job is to educate you and your workers on planning a safe project and objectives, including a risk assessment analysis. Our safety consultants locate dangerous areas on your project site. Risk can be assessed depending on the type of job performed and its requirements. For example, a high-risk job, like working on a rig, has different safety requirements than a lower risk job. A safety training consultant can pinpoint the level of risk for each position and provide training and risk assessment to modify conditions.

Our safety consultants help determine the risks associated with your project, first by examining the likelihood of an accident. These factors are dependent on the environment and jobs required during your project. Our safety consultants can then assist you with planning in the event of an accident, provide hazard assessment, and devise solutions to ensure a safe work environment.

Providing A Safe Workplace

Safety consulting can ensure a safe workplace. Can your contractors work safely, make it to their worksites safely, and do they know the protocols in case of emergency? Our safety training consultants help you answer all of these questions and design a customized plan for your needs.

Construction Safety Experts provides the following safety consulting services to our clients:

  • Safety Staffing
  • Project safety professionals for short or long-term assignments
  • Expert witness
  • Crane and rigging safety programs
  • Project-specific safety plans
  • Worksite audits
  • Accident investigation
  • Health and safety handbooks
  • Hazard communication
  • OSHA star programs

In addition to our safety consulting services, Construction Safety Experts helps to maintain your project’s operations through our project management services and safety consultancy. Contact Construction Safety Experts today to learn more about assessing risk with our safety consulting services and speak with a representative about your project.