Raleigh Construction Safety Training and Consultation

With more than 20 years of experience, Construction Safety Experts is a leader in the construction safety industry throughout Raleigh, NC, and have worked with organizations around the world. We offer a wide variety of safety training and risk management programs, work with organizations to improve safety culture and ensure compliance with all pertinent regulations, and evaluate your existing safety program, offering our consultation services to help you achieve an excellent safety record.

We provide our services to companies from many industries:

  •   Chemical
  •   Commercial construction
  •   Nuclear
  •   Oil and gas
  •   Pharmaceutical
  •   Power, including wind power
  •   Pulp and paper
  •   Steel

We understand and are well-versed in the safety requirements specific to your industry. Our customized services help you achieve your primary goal of keeping workers safe, as well as satisfying the terms of government and large corporation contracts.

Construction Safety Training Programs for Raleigh, NC

The construction industry has some of the highest numbers of worker injuries and death. This alarming fact highlights the need for organization-wide safety culture. Strong beliefs about workplace safety begin with senior management and are encouraged by a commitment to regular training and administrative follow-through.

We provide the specialized training necessary for each group of workers on your site, from the janitors to the engineers:

  •   OSHA Safety Training
  •   MSHA Safety Training
  •   Crane Safety Training
  •   AISC Certification Program
  •   NFPA 70E Training

Crane Safety Training Programs

Construction Safety Experts professionals are certified by safety industry leaders. Each of our programs is designed to prepare your crane operators for the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO). We know the importance of cranes on construction sites and other work zones. We understand the complications that may arise when cranes are under stress from lifting heavy equipment. Crane operators must be focused and exact in their operation of this machinery with no room for error.

Our crane experts work with operators, inspect equipment, and research loads to provide you with training courses that cover

  •   Best operating practices
  •   Chart interpretation and calculation
  •   Operator responsibilities
  •   OSHA and ANSI standards
  •   Rigging and hardware safe practices

Whether your operators need to know more about setting up and leveling the crane or how to differentiate between static and dynamic loads, we have the right training:

  •   Crane Inspection and Load Testing
  •   Crane Operator Training
  •   Crane Rigging and Safety Management
  •   Crane Safety Training

Certified Expert Consultation

Our Raleigh, NC, team of consultants is ready to share their expertise with your organization. Our consultants are certified through OSHA, MSHA, and other notable safety industry leaders. With a consultation and the proper adjustments, your organization will see a significant decrease in the occurrence of hazards. We offer a wide range of consultation services:

  •   Accident investigation
  •   Hazard communication
  •   Project-specific safety plans
  •   Supervisor Training
  •   Workforce safety
  •   Worksite audits

We are also prepared to help you with health and safety handbooks, the OSHA Star Program, and the possibility of retaining a short or long-term safety professional.

Since 1996, Construction Safety Experts have helped organizations better implement safety culture and reduce the risk and occurrence of hazards. Your safety needs are our top priority. Contact us through our website or by phone at (919) 463-0669.