CSE Construction Safety Experts

A One Day Comprehensive Preparation Course

At our facility or at your location.

Featuring our one day operator preparation course!

Other training and testing organizations offer similar courses which involve more expense and time for your operators. We are able to conduct a comprehensive preparation course in one day versus the typical 3 to 4 day review sessions offered by other organizations. This saves your organization time and expense while still providing a thorough review and preparation for the NCCCO written exams.

The following is included in the NCCCO training at our facility or your locations:

  • Written examination preparation course

  • Written examination

  • Practical examination

One day operator prep class includes the following:

  • Stability

  • Side loading

  • Load chart interpretations and calculations

  • Multi crane lifts

  • Pick and carry practices

  • Outrigger usage

  • Wire rope

  • Safe rigging practices

  • Rigging and hardware inspections

  • Personnel platforms

  • Critical lifts

  • Hand and radio signal

  • Load charts

  • Shift, Monthly and Annual Inspections

  • Assembly/Disassembly

  • Leveling the crane

  • Barricades, Fall Zone and Work Area Control

  • OSHA and ASME/ANSI Requirements

  • Electrical hazard awareness

  • Operating practices

  • Operator responsibilities

  • Static/dynamic loads

  • Center of gravity

  • Radius, boom length, boom angles

  • Rated strength