Planning Projects Safely

Plan your projects safely by using safety training services and on-site safety training provided by Construction Safety Experts. Our team of safety experts work with your company to educate and train your staff, so they adhere to the safety standards your business adopts. We also offer a collection of accredited certification programs and training programs to prepare your staff for further examinations.

The Easiest Way To Plan Projects Safely

Perhaps the easiest way to plan projects safely is with the assistance of an on-site safety professional. We match you with certified professionals specializing in various safety fields to suit the needs of your company. Safety professionals ensure that your project stays on track while your contractors adhere to the best safety practices. With the help of an on-site safety professional, you can prevent accidents on the job and prepare your contractors for the risks and hazards in their field.

Certifications and Safety Training

Construction Safety Experts provides high-quality courses and certification programs for your contractors, so your business adheres to industry regulations and prevents accidents on the job. Some of the training courses we provide are as follows:

MSHA Safety Training

We provide approved MSHA instructors to prepare miners for advanced mine safety tactics in a broad range of safety topics. We offer safety training for MSHA part 46 and MSHA part 48 and other training such as hazard awareness.

OSHA Training

Construction Safety Experts offers an extensive OSHA safety training program which includes OSHA 10 and 30-hour seminars, crane and rigging programs, fall protection training, hazard communication, and more.

Construction Safety Experts offers accredited certification programs to ensure compliance and expand the safety practices on your project site. Some of the certification programs we offer include:

AISC Certification

Our American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Certification prepares contractors in the steel industry for equipment policies and safety procedures. The AISC certification program can prepare businesses for the application process and subsequent audits by providing mock auditing services and training.

Crane Operator Certification

We provide accredited crane operator training programs that meet the conditions outlined in the National Certification Program, preparing candidates for their CCO certification examinations.

Contact Construction Safety Experts today, and speak with a representative about your safety training needs to customize a solution for your needs. With the help of Construction Safety Experts, you can ensure safe projects on your worksite.