Accredited Crane Operator Training

At Construction Safety Experts, our aim is to provide high-quality training and materials, including accredited crane operator training, to ensure safety on the job. Construction Safety Experts utilizes the National Certification Program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) which meets OSHA regulations. We prepare candidates by providing NCCCO training which includes a written examination preparation course, a written examination, and a practical examination to ensure comprehension. Find out more about our crane operator training courses and how they can save you money and ensure retention of the course materials.

Affordable and Accredited Crane Operator Training

Our course is designed to inform students on key safety procedures as outlined in the National Certification Program. Similar courses offered by other training organization take up to four days at a significant cost. In comparison, we can conduct a comprehensive preparation course in just one day, so your business saves time and money while ensuring that your crane operators are knowledgeable about safety procedures.

By providing an accredited crane operating training course to your crane operators, you can fast-track your worksite efficiency while reducing risk and enhancing safety procedures. Your staff’s safety, and the safety of the public, is of the utmost importance, and Construction Safety Experts provides the essentials you need to access and build on the knowledge and skills required by OSHA to perform safe crane operations.

Our one-day crane operator preparation class includes the following:

  • Load charts
  • Daily inspection
  • Crane set up
  • Leveling the crane
  • OSHA and ANSI standards
  • Electrical hazard awareness
  • Operating practices
  • Operator responsibilities
  • Static/dynamic loads
  • Center of gravity
  • Radius, boom length, boom angles
  • Rated strength
  • Stability
  • Side loading
  • Load chart interpretations and calculations
  • Multi crane lifts
  • Pick and carry practices
  • Outrigger usage
  • Wire rope
  • Safe rigging practices
  • Rigging and hardware inspections
  • Personnel platforms
  • Critical lifts
  • Hand and radio signal

With the help of Construction Safety Experts, you can provide accredited crane operator certifications to your entire staff at half the cost of traditional courses. Contact Construction Safety Experts today to learn more about our crane operator courses and NCCCO training. Call 1-866-463-0669 to learn more and speak with a representative today.