How to Prevent Accidents on the Job With Safety Consultants

Hiring a safety consultant can prevent accidents on the job, ensuring that your project runs smoothly. Construction Safety Experts provides a broad range of services, including on-site safety program consultants, to address any safety issues your project might face. We offer training and worksite audits to enhance the safety culture on the job, and we work with you to determine which services can benefit your company the most.

Our safety program consultants offer many types of services to address safety concerns during your project. Some of these services include:

  • Safety Staffing
  • Project safety professionals for short or long-term assignments
  • Expert witness
  • Crane and rigging safety programs
  • Project-specific safety plans
  • Work site audits
  • Accident investigation
  • Health and safety handbooks
  • Hazard communication
  • OSHA star programs

What Our Safety Consultants Do

Our safety program consultants help address issues with your current operations and formulate customized safety programs for your contractors. We start by providing a risk assessment based on your current safety programs. For example, Construction Safety Experts offers crane & rigging and safety management services to certify and train your contractors on how to safely operate cranes, avoid accidents, and maintain their respective responsibilities while on the job.

Our safety consultants can provide in-depth risk assessments by investigating past accidents and evaluating job sites, and we offer program development through written manuals. Our on-site safety professionals work closely with your project managers to create a customized solution for your team.

How Hiring A Safety Consultant Reduces Costs

Preventing future accidents saves your company money and makes for a superior work environment wherein your contractors feel safe and prepared. In the event of an accident, the training we provide ensures that your projects experience little downtime and accidents are resolved or prevented in a professional manner. By limiting downtime and preventing accidents before they occur, you drastically reduce the financial burden an accident poses for your company and the danger to your staff.

The Benefits of On-Site Safety Professionals

Our experience has shown us that hiring a safety consultant can save your business time and money. Why spend needless hours scouring directories for an on-site safety professional? At Construction Safety Experts, we offer customized programs with decades of experience. Our safety consultants will evaluate the current conditions of your safety program and consult with you to determine the needs of your company and the programs your team needs to succeed. Call us today to schedule a consultation and let us develop the perfect safety program for you.