Fall Protection Training

Understanding Fall Protection Training and Why it Matters

At Construction Safety Experts, we are committed to providing the necessary resources to your contractors and project managers to prevent falls through fall protection training and education. The first step in preventing falls is to explain how and why falls occur and how to prevent them based on your job site. Our on-site safety professionals work closely with you and your contractors to educate you and develop the best fall protection system based on your work site evaluation.

What is Fall Protection Training?

Fall protection training uses carefully designed materials and equipment to prevent falls at your job site. Most often, the equipment we refer to is a full body harness, fall arrest system and anchorage point to slow and arrest a body in the event of a fall. We know that the safety of your workers is of the utmost importance, and that’s why construction safety experts work closely with project managers and contractors to develop a customized solution based on the environment and structure of your work site.

Fall Protection Training reduces the risks of working at dangerous heights or on poorly constructed supports. Our safety experts assess the risk of falls and provide the proper materials to train your workers accordingly.

Many workers do not understand the basics of fall protection. This is detrimental to these workers, as it places them at an increased risk of falls, and it is not good for business, as it slows the productivity of your work site.

5 Fall Protection Basics

  • Equipment must regularly be inspected for wear and tear. Check often and early to replace equipment that could result in injury.
  • Understand the dangers of falls on the job. Falls are one of the leading causes of fatal accidents in the construction industry and also one of the most preventable.
  • Different fall protection equipment is available given the size, complexity, and structure of a work site. Educate workers on the proper equipment to use in various scenarios.
  • Aside from personal fall protection devices, guardrails are required depending on height.
  • Have a plan in the event of a fall, including retrieval, written down in the case of emergency.

Construction Safety Experts provides fall protection training through various source material and with the assistance of our on-site safety professionals. Our company has decades of experience in safety procedures and fall protection systems.

Find out more about Construction Safety Experts, and contact us today to speak with a fall protection specialist about the services we can provide your company.