The Top 2 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Construction Safety Services

Safety experts offers construction safety services for various industries, and our aim is to provide quality risk assessment, safety training, and construction safety consultation services to clients across the country. Given the unique needs of the construction industry, Construction Safety Experts offers customized solutions and construction safety managers for your on-site safety training.

Why Construction Safety Services Are Important For Your Company


Reduce Accidents

Falls and accidents on the job are an expensive risk for your company.  That’s why Construction Safety Experts offers safety consulting services such as worksite audits to mitigate your company’s liabilities. Our construction safety professionals identify risks that often go unnoticed in the worksite, accessing these risks based on the type and scope of a project. We offer truly customized plans for your company’s safety requirements. We identify these risks using a complex auditing system and assist your business with extensive program development. In this way, our company can identify deficiencies in a project before it even begins

Increase Productivity

Investing in a strong safety program can also bolster contractor morale and cut down on insurance rates. Growing a safety culture in your worksite increases your ROI in many ways. Contractors feel more at ease, and their productivity skyrockets, yielding significant savings for your company. Although productivity is perhaps the most visible and profitable return on your investment, a safety culture also promotes a reputable company image. Companies with a strong safety program are considered more reputable than companies with minimal safety measures in place.  Also, insurance agencies often deliver significant cuts to companies with a solid safety program by supplying discounts to your company and its contractors.

The services we provide are varied and truly customizable. At Construction Safety Experts, we understand that every company is different, and the complexity of our clients’ projects differ from business to business.

Here are some of the safety consulting services we offer:

      • Safety Staffing
      • Project safety professionals for short or long-term assignments
      • Expert witness
      • Crane and rigging safety programs
      • Project specific safety plans
      • Work site audits
      • Accident investigation
      • Health and safety handbooks
      • Hazard communication
      • OSHA star programs

Our Construction Safety Managers


There are many benefits of having a construction safety manager on site. Not only do these construction safety managers offer personalized training for your entire staff of workers, but they also work diligently during the entirety of your work site project by providing your team with expert advice and the tools your company needs to prevent accidents and protect your contractors. Our construction safety managers are on the ground, working tirelessly with your company and contractors to implement safety strategies that are project-specific while maintaining a quality service approach.

Our on-site construction safety managers are experts in construction safety management. We hire only the best safety managers with years of experience providing safety management and risk assessment for long and short term projects. Construction Safety Experts offers many types of services based on the needs of your project, including our on-site safety managers. Our other services include OSHA training that includes OSHA training seminars for 10 and 30 hour courses; MSHA training, including training plans for a broad range of safety topics; and AISC Certification Programs, the most reputable certification program in the steel industry.

If your company is looking for a truly customized safety plan created by experts with years of experience, take a look at our services in-depth today. Begin your safety program with the help of Construction Safety Experts, a leader in construction safety solutions across the country. Contact us today, and begin your safety program with the help of a company with well over 50 years of combined safety management expertise.