What Happens During and After a Construction Site Accident Investigation?

Construction work is inherently hazardous, and accidents occur in and around sites all the time. To minimize the number of injuries, state and federal governments have introduced safety guidelines.

However, accidents happen, and once the injured person has been treated, an investigation is conducted in an effort to prevent future injuries.

Here is an overview of what to expect when a site accident investigation is needed. 

Steps in the Investigation Process

The first step in the investigation is to secure the area and call the designated investigator. What follows next is:

  • If the injured person is able, speak with him or her, as well as any potential witnesses.
  • Use notes, photos, videos or some combination of each to document the scene.
  • Create your report, listing the determining cause.
  • Make recommendations for preventive measures.

Once the report is complete and recommendations are put into action, the final step is to follow up and ensure they remain in action.

Things You Will Find in the Investigation Report

First, anyone involved in the accident, including witnesses, and the investigation team will be named. The investigator is typically the supervisor on duty at the time of the accident, but safety experts may be called in as well.

Second, every object on the scene is thoroughly investigated and included. This means any equipment or piece of property within the near vicinity of the accident is evaluated and documented in detail.

The pertinent information to collect is situational and therefore, varies; however, here are a few characteristics about the accident you may find:

  • Details about the injury, including where the body was injured and to what severity.
  • Details about the actions that led to the accident.
  • A narrative of the accident compiled from witness testimony.
  • Timestamps, including the worker’s shift information and whether or not he or she was supervised at the time.
  • A description of the worker, physical and tenure in the company.

Attention to detail is crucial during documentation and will be reflected in the final report.

The Final Steps

The last phase of an accident investigation is determining the cause and documenting corrective actions. Causal factors are meant to be thorough and descriptive. If the employee did not follow safety procedures, the report should detail why not.

If he or she was following the procedure, what element of it contributed to the accident? This evaluation leads to corrective action, which can entail anything from new training methods to the elimination of the procedure entirely. Every corrective measure should have a supervisor assigned to ensure its implementation.

Keep an investigation kit on-site at all times, and include everything you might need in the event of an accident.

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