OSHA Trends for 2021: What Construction Companies Need To Know

If you’re in the construction industry, it should come to no surprise that technology is enhancing the way construction site safety is performed – and it will continue to do so in 2021.

With some smart new advances in Personal Protective Equipment and heightened compliance standards, the industry is taking on COVID-19 and other occupational health and safety concerns in essential ways. 

So, whether you’re in management, or like to keep up with the latest safety trends, here are four important tools for improved construction site safety this year. 

1. PPE Adaptations

New types of personal protective equipment (PPE) are available to meet the personal preferences of construction workers. Here are a few of the new and innovative items:

  •         Reusable and see-through N95 masks to promote better facial communication
  •         3D-printed masks for a better fit
  •         Respirators that accommodate beards
  •         Gloves that fit well and offer comfortable wear

The pandemic is raising awareness about the need for updated PPE designs and functions.

2. Telemedicine Protocols

Telemedicine offers a unique way to diagnose and prescribe treatment for on-the-job injuries. Safety officers use a hand-held device to connect to a medical professional who assesses the injury and determines the next steps of care on the spot.

This saves a lot of time, money and resources due to outmoded injury-care workflows.

3. Internet-of-Things (loT) Devices

The internet is changing the landscape of PPE wearable equipment. Internet of Things (IoT) devices provide biometric data via a WiFi connection and record activity rate and measure essential health information, such as heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels.

Safety professionals can monitor vital signs and determine a worker’s health while performing a job. Smart PPE devices can read blood alcohol content, to determine if a worker is complying with worksite safety regulations.

These advances will continue to transform how site safety plans and protocols are developed based on specific job assignments and worker health needs.

4. Safety Plans

While safety plans are always an important aspect of site safety, increased OSHA inspections in 2021 will intensify the need for awareness of proper protocols. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Promote safety culture at job sites
  • Offer regular training
  • Hold daily safety meetings
  • Empower workers to identify site safety issues

Safety professionals should stay informed of updates in OSHA standards as new issues may arise due to virus spread and other concerns throughout the year.

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