How To Repair A Broken Workplace Safety Culture

It should go without saying that in the construction industry, companies need safety to be a fixture in their core mission and values. When the emphasis on safety has devolved, it can have a negative effect on the company’s culture as a whole. And this is not a good thing.

If you feel that your company’s safety culture has been impacted in a negative way, and are not quite sure where to go from here, don’t stress. Our team of safety experts has put together this overview of how you can begin the stages of repairing it. Some calculated adjustments will make it possible to re-instill safety as a primary directive across every tier of a company’s structure. 

Start the Change With Leadership

Managers and supervisors must set the right example for employees. They need to demonstrate thorough compliance with all key initiatives. They must also be prepared to offer one-on-one counseling for personnel who are not following policies on a consistent basis.  

Reevaluate Training

The foundation of a company culture that values safety starts with training. If training is limited to the onboarding process, policies may not have a receptive audience. It is hard for people to appreciate the significance of what they are learning if it does not have a practical context. 

Continuing training about accident prevention and avoiding hazards throughout the course of people’s employment will give meaning to what they learn. Employees will have regular reminders about why policies are indispensable. Also, they will have the background to form thoughtful and important questions about their individual responsibilities. Likewise, they can share their input about how policies work in practice and what companies can do to improve them.

Facilitate Communication

Employees need to feel as though their feedback about procedures is both welcome and valuable. Every aspect of maintaining a safe workplace rests on employee engagement in the process. Their voices should be prominent in meetings and training. In addition, there have to be reporting systems in place that employees can use to call attention to issues and also document incidents. People have to know exactly who they should reach out to when they have any questions or concerns.

Insist on Accountability

Everyone on a team must be clear about who is responsible for specific issues. To some extent, a problem with safety is everyone’s problem. However, there should never be any confusion about who has to maintain preventative safeguards or remediate hazards. Every individual employee’s job description needs to clearly outline what people must do in their job roles to reinforce a safe and productive working environment.

In Need of Safety Culture Repair? Work With The Best! 

Every type of business enterprise can benefit from the insight and experience of consultants who can offer customized solutions to make workplaces safer. Consulting services from Construction Safety Experts can help your company devise a plan to rebuild and sustain a company culture that emphasizes safety.

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