Effective Ways To Prepare for an OSHA Visit: From the Professionals

Preparing for an OSHA visit is one of the most important and stressful events for any business. Companies often scramble to get information together at the last minute, which never works out well. Additionally, a surprise visit may result in citations for not having essential policies and procedures in place.  

You can reduce stress on everyone by doing some pre-planning and regularly monitoring your company’s OSHA guidelines. These are some simple yet important steps to follow to ensure you are ready when a compliance officer appears at your workplace.

1. Assign a Greeter

Always have a point person (and some backups) who knows OSHA standards in detail and can answer safety program questions on the spot. This individual will be the contact person who introduces the investigator to other company employees as requested.

2. Develop a Comprehensive Safety Program That Meets Requirements

All companies need an effective OSHA approved safety compliance program. These are the key areas that need to be covered:

  • Management oversight and compliance
  • Worker participation goals
  • Hazard identification and assessment tools
  • Hazard prevention and control procedures
  • Education and training modules
  • Program evaluation methods and improvement objectives
  • Communication practices for multi-employer worksites

These core elements are used to track progress and make safety program adjustments.

3. Conduct Regular Audits and Utilize Proper Record Keeping

Clear and concise record keeping is a hallmark of a well-organized safety program. Conduct regular program audits to identify issues and rectify these problems promptly. Keeping paperwork in order makes OSHA inspections a much easier process.

4. Conduct Regular Employee Safety Training

Safety training and ongoing reviews are essential to keep workers informed of practices and changes in policies and procedures. Allow time to answer employee questions. Investigators may ask employees about procedures and compliance documentation. Make certain that employees are ready for these interactions. 

5. Keep Documentation Accessible for Review

Keep documentation logs in easily accessible places. The greeter should know where all of the documentation is located. Multiple employees should be apprised of the locations of Safety Data Sheets and other pertinent records, so they know how to address investigator questions.  

6. Plan Direct Routes for OSHA Safety Inspections

If a compliance officer wants to visit a particular area of a worksite, use a direct route. It is better to avoid winding an investigator through additional workplace areas that could expose you to safety citations.

Ensure You’re Ready With Leading Professionals 

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