How to Develop a Safety Culture

How to Develop a Safety Culture

On-the-job accidents in the construction industry are on the rise, and OSHA has determined that the cause of the increase is due to work-safety violations. Most accidents that occur in the construction industry are serious or fatal, making it one of the most dangerous industries for workers. Developing a safety culture on your worksites should be your highest priority, and it should encompass everyone involved in each project at every level. Hiring safety consultants to assess your safety risk and provide safety training will let you achieve a safe culture while focusing on the project at hand.

How a Safety Consultant Can Help You Develop a Safety Culture

Safety consultants are professionals who have their credentials in a number of different areas of construction safety. The first step in developing a safety culture for your construction site is to hire a safety consultant who is a good match for your company and the types of projects you do. These are some additional ways that you can make safety a priority for every construction project:

  •        Start at the Pre-Planning Stage – Make safety a part of every phase of the project from the time it begins to take shape on paper until each area is under development. The safety consultant can evaluate your safety risk so that you can include all risk exposures into your plan.
  •        Establish a Safety Committee – From upper-level safety managers down, every member of the committee should have specific responsibilities that they discuss regularly to recognize any issues as they arise.
  •        Establish a Weekly Time for Review – Evaluate your training procedures, the safety of your existing equipment, and the need for upgrades on any safety equipment.

A Safety Consultant Can Improve Both Safety and Performance

Safety consultants are trained construction safety professionals who have the expertise to improve the operation of your machinery and the methods your employees use to operate it. Developing a safety culture in your construction company will not only reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities on your construction sites; it will also improve performance so that every project runs smoothly, for better use of your time and resources.