More Tips on Fall Protection Training

Fall Protection Training

The construction safety professionals at Safety Experts work closely with the project managers and contractors at your worksite to develop a customized safety solution that will prevent falls from occurring. Typically, they use a full body harness, arrest system and anchorage point as the primary safety equipment during a fall. When workers are required to work at dangerous heights or their supports are of poor quality, they are placed at high risk of falls. Fall protection training by our construction safety professionals will reduce their risk. In addition, they will be provided with the proper materials required for training.

Fall Protection Training Teaches Workers the Fall Protection Basics

The construction safety professionals will teach your workers the 5 fall protection basics which include:

  1. Regular Inspection of Equipment – Equipment should be regularly inspected for normal wear and tear and replaced when needed.
  2. Recognize the Dangers of Falls – Falls account for a large portion of fatalities in the construction industry. With professional fall protection training, they are also the most preventable.
  3.     Be Familiar with All Types of Fall Protection Equipment – There are different types of fall protection equipment that is appropriate for different work sites. Our safety construction professionals will educate workers on the different types of equipment for each situation.
  4.     Know When Guardrails Are Required – Depending on the height, a guardrail may be required in addition to personal fall protection devices.
  5.     Create a Plan for Falls – Have a written plan on what to do in case of a fall that includes retrieval.

Construction Safety Professionals Offer Fall Protection Training with Various Materials

The construction safety professionals at Safety Experts use a variety of source materials and rely on the assistance of their on-site safety professionals to teach fall protection training to every member of your workforce. They understand that your company and each project you approach have unique concerns. They offer the solutions that will prevent your risk of falls to protect your workers and improve the productivity of your operation.