5 Key Benefits of On Site Safety Managers

When putting a team together to complete a task, hiring on site safety managers might not be first on your mind. However, having someone in this role provides several key benefits. Project safety managers offer significant advantages – here are five of the most prominent:

5 Key Benefits of On Site Safety Managers

When you hire an on site safety manager…

1. You’ll Have a Person on Staff Specifically Qualified for Safety Work: Without a specialized safety manager, tasks like handling safety claims and educating on standards and laws are only completed when absolutely necessary, and by employees who likely aren’t completely qualified for the work. Hiring an on site safety manager ensures you have someone on your team who is educated on the most efficient and effective methods to improve safety in the workplace, which greatly increases your ability to meet your safety goals.

2. You’ll Have a Unique Perspective on Your Team: Safety managers don’t think like construction people, or estimating people, or project management people. Instead of focusing on client satisfaction or costs, on site safety managers focus on safety above all else. This focus provides a unique perspective that can lead to real change in your workplace, a huge benefit when safety is something you’re concerned about.

3. You’ll Have a Qualified Resource for Continual Training: Creating a safety culture in a workplace requires ongoing training for all levels of employees. Having a safety manager on staff gives you a designated, qualified individual to provide this training. Because your safety manager will be up to date on the newest laws and standards, you’ll know that everyone from front line workers up will be receiving accurate and usable information, leading to a safer environment and fewer incidents.

4. You’ll Have Cost Savings in a Variety of Areas: Investing in an on site safety manager may cost you more up front, but this investment will save you money in a variety of ways. Safety training reduces fatalities, injuries, and illnesses. This will in turn lower your workers’ compensation costs and medical expenses. You’ll avoid OSHA penalties, have lower training costs, and have to pay for fewer accident investigations.

5. You’ll Have Up to Date Knowledge of Standards and Laws: Running afoul of safety standards and laws can be costly, both financially and in your employees’ health. Having a qualified project safety manager on staff gives you a resource that is up to date on the latest changes to workplace safety regulations, keeping you and your employees protected.

The benefits to on site safety managers are numerous, making them a worthy addition to most project teams.